Worldwide Destinations

Worldwide Destinations

One of the best things about traveling it’s the worldwide destinations.

The world is huge and one can travel to anywhere in the world!

(Well, if you have the money or time for it but that’s another chapter)

It doesn’t matter if you’re bucket list has Aruba, Hawaii or Bora-Bora there is a special place for all of us!

That’s why I decided to share with you all of the worlwide destinations so I can help with your destinations even if it’s not Europe.

So here you can expect all of the details about my travels that were NOT in Europe.

From Angola to Thailand, here are my recent tips on traveling to different continents.

How to save money there, how to mix in with the locals and of course the cheapest ways to get there…and come back!

Here you’ll have all of the information that you might need about it.

So enjoy it and in case I’ve missed something important (or a fun fact) let me know in the comments!

See you there!