How to Travel More

How to Travel More

So you would love to travel more but can’t do it more often because it’s expensive? 

Or because you don’t know any travel secrets?

I’m glad you’ve found me. As you probably know my purpose is to help you with that. So my first question is:

1- What does “travel more” means to you?

Travel more -

It can mean to spend half of what you are used to spend in travels. It can mean save just on flights or transportation. Or maybe save money on accommodation.

Or it can even mean travel free everywhere. Really think about what your goal is, because if you can’t go a night without a comfortable bed, or a day without Internet. It’s useless to aim towards travel the world free,

if you know you can’t renounce some perks. Adjust your personality to your resources, see what is vital to you while you travel and THEN define your budget.

2- Download apps!

Travel more -

That simple. You won’t believe how much time and money you can save just  using free apps. Apps are time and money savers.

You can download one to be aware of how much money you’re spending while traveling or to see what’s the cheapest price on transportations, hostels or hotels (again depending on your budget).

I’ll show you the best apps to help you with that inside of my online course How To Be a Traveler Superstar by the way.

 3- “Use” your friends.

Travel more -

Haha, I know this sounds wrong, but hear me out. If you travel a lot or even if you don’t, chances are you have friends who do!

So what’s the big deal about asking them to crash in their house or to give you a lift where they’re going? Of course this only works if they’re driving there, because if they were flying this wouldn’t be so easy…

Think about it, worst scenario you get a no. Best scenario you get a ROAD TRIP!

4- Compare, compare…oh and compare!

Travel more -

I can’t tell you how many euros I’ve saved thanks to open 3  or 6 tabs instead of searching just in one place.

It’s fast, somethings boring yeah, but what do you prefer? To lose 10 minutes but save 100 euros.

Or to save 100 euros and lose 10 minutes? Pro tip: Clean your cookies while doing research for transportation, otherwise the websites will just keep on showing you the same flight expensiver.

Also if you’re looking for cheap flights be sure to sign up for email price alerts on places like Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, etc.

This way they’ll let you know when the prices go down! The details matter… A lot! Plus, if you’re booking online (90% of the time be sure to check the comission of your card).

Changing from one AMEX to a Mastercard has saved me tons of money along the road. Hope this article was helpful to you, if you’re serious about traveling more and meeting anyone be sure to sign up to my email list where I share my email V.I.P secrets.

Take care and let’s travel more! 😉

G.Walker .

“See you there”

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