Travel Stories

Travel Stories

Travel stories! We all have some and we are always eager to listen to some more!

G.Walker Gonçalo Cadilhe Interview
G.Walker and Gonçalo Cadilhe Interview in Lisbon

In this category, I’ll share everything with you from interviews with Travel Experts like the one with published Portuguese Travel Writer Gonçalo Cadilhe to crazy stories that I heard from all over the world.

Do you have some amazing travel stories?

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It can be a story about:


Meeting People;

Some crazy adventure abroad or in your country;


cool curiosity that you found within your or other culture.

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In case you don’t know this by now, Elite Walkers is a worldwide community of travelers who are able to Travel More, Save More and Meet Everyone.

Therefore it’s only natural that we have a platform where we can share all the great stories we have found during our travels!

I hope you have a great time reading this stories and interviews and more importantly I hope you’ll feel inspired to travel more and create your own amazing travel stories!

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