Tiger Cave Temple : A Sacred Place to Die

Tiger Cave Temple : A Sacred Place to Die

Hi Elite Walkers, so by now you already know the story of how did we end up here in Tiger Cave Temple after 1237 steps and if you don’t you can always check it out here.

That part was kind of fun between fighting monkeys and play with dogs but the real chaos was what happened next…

So there we were, me and Laura at the top of 278 meters Altar in Tiger Cave Temple, 1237 steps later and the sky was getting darker by the minute.

We also had to take off our shoes and leave them outside because that’s the rule of most temples here in Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand.

Several pictures later we were so caught up in the beauty of the altars that we didn’t realize it had started to rain.

To make it worse there were already 18:00 p.m. and that’s the time when the sun comes down.

Plus a storm was coming for us and it was getting dark as hell.

We even heard some weird noise that we didn’t know what was and I asked some guy who was passing by which he answered:

“Deve ser um pássaro”/“It must be a bird” in Portuguese!

What? Another Portuguese?? Which he glamorously answered back with a “fodasse!”, haha, don’t Google that.

We talked for a few minutes and he said his name was Felipe from Algarve and he left his wife in the middle of the stairs because she was 2 months pregnant and she couldn’t climb the rest.

tiger cave temple - copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
My accidental shot of Felipe right before the storm!

At this point, there were just the 3 of us in there.

The rain was too powerful and the wind was too strong we found shelter in a tiny place with a ceiling but it was not protecting us from the rain at all.

Then he decided to return to find his woman and we were by ourselves…

5 minutes later he returned with his wife Angela, she made it too!

We tried to figure it out what to do but we couldn’t wait for the rain to stop because the staircase was only getting more slippery and dark to climb.

Just in case of this wasn’t bad enough the lightning started.

The sky was all black except when it turned white for 3 seconds for every 2 minutes meanwhile the sound of a thousand storms spread across each mountain.

It was CHAOS.

I can’t describe you how dark, windy, noisy and scary this scenario was but after 10 minutes we realized our only option went down the staircase with the handbag, backpack, and the 11kgs suitcase.

The Portuguese couple went first and we were just following them, barefoot because of the no shoes rule.

As soon as we ran towards the stairs Laura fell down because of the rain she lost balance and got hurt on the hip so we had no choice but to come back to the mini cave.

So now there we were: alone, barefoot, with the luggage and Laura started panicking from the pain she was feeling.

And also because of the noise, the thunders were making and the massive storm all around us of course.

What was the scariest was imagining go down the stairs with all this rain and wind but also the view that we had from up there…

We could actually see where each thunder hit and the sky was whiter than the Alps for the seconds this happened.

I had to be firm and to find strength for carrying all this down the 1,237 steps but also to calm my girlfriend down because she wanted to stay there until the rain stops… that could last hours!

In a dangerous storm and unsafe staircase, all that it would take was a misplaced foot and we would have a deathly or at least incredible dangerous fall.

I realized I had to stay calm for both of us.

This way I started telling her about our comedy videos which we love to see especially “Porta dos Fundos” a Brazilian comedy group, and that started slowly working.

Then I told her exactly what do we needed to do in order to climb the stairs and just headed our way down there.

For the next 30 minutes, I didn’t do anything else other than coming up with jokes, remembering her to be careful with each one of the 1237 steps like her life would depend on it.

Plus changed arms to carry the obese suitcase we had.

Because in life when things get tough or too hard to handle you HAVE to grab life by the balls and show her you’re here you made it this far and you will not give up!

The stairs were really dark but luckily the rain wasn’t that strong as it was before when we were going down the only fear was to slip on a step and fall.

My trick was changing arms from 50 to 50 steps and use the ripped bag to hold on tight.

Because 11kgs it’s not easy to carry down the stairs, especially in the dark when you can’t even see your feet and a slip might be deadly.

When we finally arrived at the entrance again we were just exhausted and thanked God for being safe and sound after 1237 steps.

tiger cave temple - copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
Our faces after this near-death experience…

Finally, we still had to go to Phan Nga over a 1-hour trip so we asked the police officer to call a taxi or take us to the bus station to go there by bus after 20 minutes of phone calls.

The man only spoke Thai by the way, he took us in his car to a bus and we intercepted the bus in the middle of the street.

We paid 480 baht less than 10 euros for that bus still a lot because it was supposed to cost 160 for two persons.

Nevertheless, we had to leave Krabi and go to Phang Nga to spend the night.

Then we understood why that price… we weren’t going to Phang Nga to our Couchsurfing… we had passed it and now we were going to Phuket!

Which is over 1 hour after Phang Nga… What happened?!

Was the police officer that told the woman on the bus wrong?

Was the woman who barely spoke English didn’t care to tell us when we arrived at the bus station?

I spoke with her and after all this, the solution was to leave us in the middle of the street.

No refund on the bus ticket but honestly that was not our priority at the time and she said a taxi would arrive in 15 minutes.

Our communication was throughout google translator and I knew she didn’t care if we staid in the middle of the street or go to Phuket, so she left us right there with our luggage at 21:00 p.m. in the night.

With no internet or money on the smartphone in the middle of the street by night in a country where most people barely speak English… how did we make from here?

I’ll share that with you next time.

For now, I just hope you understand the importance of having mobile data abroad.

And how dumb it is to climb tiger cave temple with a suitcase of 11kgs and a backpack with 7kgs, but I kind of think that was obvious anyway.

So if I can leave you with any advice is this:

Leave your luggage in some safe place if you’re going to do something hard or radical and be sure that you won’t find any catastrophic weather conditions while you’re there.


Now tell me you’re most dangerous near death experience.

 I don’t care if you were 5 and almost choked eating pasta or you went to the beach and a giant wave pulled you.


I WANT TO KNOW! So please comment below.

See you there.

-G.Walker out.

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  1. Very cool story! The good thing is that both of you come out off it fine. That’s the main thing.

    I hope someday i will visite that temple aswell. but maybe experience a bit different than you guys 😛

    Hope you guys tell us more about your adventures.

    Much love!

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