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Hi Elite Walker glad to see you here. Let’s Start Traveling?

So you want to see the beautiful beaches in Thailand.

Or maybe your dream is to visit Japan.

Maybe even go to Brasil for the first time.

Well it honestly doesn’t matter where you want to go because unless you start saving money or preparing your trip on airfare websites your dream will remain…

A simple dream.

That’s right I know my work is to make you realize traveling is easy and it can be done with almost no money.

But unless YOU take some real action on this, your beautiful ass will never leave that chair!

Also, all of the choices may be overwhelming if this it’s your first big.

That’s why I’ve prepared some articles about how to really start traveling more!

I hope you read them and get inspired to take your first steps to see the world.

Scratch that: CONQUER THE WORLD!.

How to Travel More

How to Travel More

So you would love to travel more but can’t do it more often because it’s expensive?  Or because you don’t know any travel secrets? I’m glad you’ve found me. As you probably know my purpose is to help you with that. So my first question is: 1- What does “travel more” means to you? It can mean to spend half of what you are used to spend in travels. It can mean save just on flights or transportation. Or maybe save…

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