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What are Social Hacks ?

Social hacks are shortcuts to make more friends and meet more people everywhere.

Meeting people and making friends are very important parts of any travel,

With that in mind I want to make sure you get the best of every experience you’re about to create.

I know it can be hard or intimidating for some people to get to know someone new. Specially when you’re traveling abroad.

Althought I am aware of this, this was not my experience.

Thankfully I’ve always wanted to meet more people and so I’ve read tons of psychology books and practiced with hundreads of people.

After those experiences I’ve learned that there are easy social hacks that can boost my interactions with strangers.

I’ve decided to share those with you and I’ll be sharing more of these in specific countries where I’ve traveled.

I honestly hope this Social Hacks can make you more confident and get passed your shyness or lack of confidence and help you meet more people and make more friends anywhere in the world.

How to Make Friends 10 Fast Ways

How to Make Friends 10 Fast Ways

Do you want to learn How to make friends in 10 fast ways? You want to learn how to make friends in 10 fast ways? Well this is your lucky day then. Because today I’ll tell you about meeting people while traveling aka my favorite part of every travel…how to make friends. Or just making friends basically. What up Elite Walkers? G.Walker here, did you noticed that I didn’t wrote “ways to meet more people” on the title? That’s because…

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