Resources to cheap travels

Resources to cheap travels

 With my many cheap travels I’ve been able to find great budget, accomodation and transportation services.

 So here are some of them. I hope this helps you to  save money on your next trip and unlike those travel bloggers out there, I DO NOT receive any comission for sharing these with you.

Here are some low cost travel companies:


Cheap Travel Websites



I love this webiste because their goal is to help you plan budget trips. All you have to do is insert your budget, choose what experience are you looking for (romance, beach, nightlife, etc) and then the website will show you the best and cheapest places in the world to go. Just search in the map for what country you prefer and you’re off!


Rome 2 Rio

 Rome 2 Rio it’s like Google Maps on stereoids. It’s easier to use and besides, it tells you how to go from point A to B in every way possible. Flight, bus, car share even the boats you’ll have to catch, how much time will it take and all of the costs.




That’s another great research website, just insert your destination, schedule and done. What’s cool about it is that in this travel website you have a lot of info in some destinations such as “best time to go“, “action and adventure” or “top attractions”.






This one is my favourite website to search for airfare. They have so much data that other airfares websites don’t, especially low cost airfare that other websites never show you. If you want cheap travels or cheap flights I recommend it to you.



This is a nice tool if you’re searching for low cost international airfare outside the US this is the spot. You can find flights way cheaper than in most travel wesbites. You know the secret: compare them.




Here it is. The world’s biggest car share community and one of the easiest way to travel without having to fly or spend a lot of money. This is perfect if you want to travel across Europe throughout car share. I use it all the time and recommend it.






I hope this is not the first time you’ve heard of this. Couchsurfing has been around for years and it’s one great way to stay in places for free, that’s even better than cheap travels. You can stay on their couches or spare rooms for free. Besides they have an active community that allows you to get to know your host before you got there.



This acommodation site is much similiar to couchsurfing with the difference that it’s not free but has more places you can choose from and always at cheap prices. You look where you wanna go and how much do you wanna spend, speak with the home/apartment owner and that’s it. I’ve used this to stay in a castel in Portugal…so yeah, it’s pretty cool.