A “Stormy” near death experience in Tiger Cave Temple

A “Stormy” near death experience in Tiger Cave Temple

What up Elite Walkers? This one is about Tiger Cave Temple .

I’m reporting from Krabi Town, just woke up after sleeping for 10 hours straight like a mammoth. This place is awesome.

I’ve written a post about how we got here all the way from Lisbon, Portugal if you’re curious check it out here.

Unfortunately not everything went fine today and we actually had a near death experience in Tiger Cave Temple but more on that in a few minutes…

As we walk by the streets we see tons of different shops, the most commons are massage houses, travel agencies who take you on boat trips to different islands and 7-11 like mini market stores those are the biggest ones.

The Town has a distinguish feeling of relaxation it’s almost like time has stopped moving here.

Maybe I feel this because the humidity here in Thailand is between 60% up to 80%.

Translation: it’s impossible to go outside and immediately don’t start sweating.

I said time stopped moving not because it’s a 3rd  world country but because everybody seems really happy and relaxed all the time.

Actually the only “stress” for me are the infinite numbers of motorbikes in the street and the fact they drive on the left side of the street which doesn’t help me because I have always to triple check before crossing the street.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyright to www.gwalkertravel.com
Streets of Krabi Town, Thailand.

We left the bags in the room and asked for directions to some place to eat in the streets but that’s like asking for toys at Toy’R’us the major difficulty is just choosing what to eat!

Everybody in the streets is really nice and helpful even though some of them don’t speak 3 words of English.

So we finally arrived at a shopping mall after dodging 5 taxi drivers’ invitations and this is huge!

It has a Dunkin Donuts, Jewelry shop, Technology store, and tons of clothes for sale. If had I to compare to the West it’s like a Primark inside of a Primark. #Primarkinception .

But what really caught our eyes was the KFC! I know what the hell? A 42 hours trip to eat at KFC?

It looks bad I get that but one does not make the best decisions after spending 20 hours without anything to eat…

We’ve chosen two menus of 149 baht each, cheap? Not really because we then realize we could stay in a hostel for that money!

Oh and we’ve also asked for PASTÉIS DE NATA! That’s right here they were the mystical cream pastries that everybody eats in Belém, Portugal they were being served in Krabi’s KFC!

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
Pastéis de Nata in Thailand…kind off.

After feasting we were so much happier!

Even though the Pastéis de Nata had cheese instead of cream in it… Camões will turn in his grave.

Now it was time to check out and head to Tiger Cave Temple (I’ve just got the chills twice while writing this name but more on that in a minute).Then we were going to Phang Nga bay so we couldn’t leave the bags.

Going to Tiger Cave Temple by foot, only a 3 hours trip with an 11kgs suitcase, my 7kgs backpack and Laura’s handbag maybe 4kgs.

Without any kind of internet by the way.

The woman at the desk was a really sympathy and she got surprised when she heard of our plans.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
Krabi’s Krab just next to the River.

“We’re looking for a challenge” I answered and what a freaking challenge would we face…

After some minutes walking down by the river and again dodging several taxi drivers and guys with a car who pretends that are taxi drivers too, it started to rain.

Raining is not the best way to put it, the sky fell down for 40 minutes would be more accurate.

One thing was certain after this: if we wanted to keep our things dry we had to go by taxi.

I mean it was only 7€ anyway we just wanted to complete the challenge but with cameras, PCs and all of our clothes in the bags we couldn’t risk it.

We’ve got there in 10 minutes by taxi.

Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham Suea is a temple built in 1975 nearby a meditation cave where a monk used to meditate and he witnessed tigers roaming around it.

There is also a legend that claims tigers used to live inside of the cave too.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
One of the entrances to the temple of Tiger Cave Temple.

The main attraction is a temple 278 meters above which has stairways with 1,237 steps and with some of the stair risers having more than 30 cm high.

On the top, the view is amazing, there’s an altar, a big statue and there is a 278 meters elevation.

When we were preparing to get in, a police officer told Laura to cover her legs she was wearing shorts so she changed and the guy said we could leave the bags inside of the office he had.

He also offered us police escort when we had to return to Phang Nga bay, for 500 baht = 12 euros.

Honestly this was my biggest mistake so far but inside there weren’t any bags so I used logic and I thought:

We have literally EVERYTHING inside of this bags from technologic stuff to all of our clothes…

If something goes missing who am I going to complain to? The police? He was the police!

So I kindly declined his request and we proceed to the temple.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
The famous 1,237 steps sign…


That’s our reaction, the place was crowded with adorable monkeys and we had a blast taking photos and recording them.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
Monkeys in Tiger Cave Temple.

There are even tiny shops where you can buy food and give it to them.

Visiting the temple or going up there is free but they also accept donations.

After we play with the monkeys we grow some courage and decided to climb the 1,237 steps…with an 11kgs suitcase, 7kgs backpack and a 4kgs handbag!

WHAT? That’s the question everybody was doing when they saw me pushing the trolley up.

To the first 7 people I explained that I didn’t know if there was a safe place to leave our stuff, because we had everything there.

Then after people keep asking I just decided to crack some jokes such as “Oh this? I miss the lift just moments ago.”

Or “Some guy back home dare me to do this so here I am”.

When we were beginning to climb we had a dog, Snoopy (not his original name I’m 99% sure) climbing with us.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
Our travel buddy… for 10 minuts.

Then, he eventually thought better about the all situation and he realized climb 1,237 steps with so many luggage would not end up fine and decided to come back down.

It’s hard to be more irresponsible than a dog but it happens! Then the monkeys came back!

Turns out they were a gang and they were trying to steal our water, Elite Walker’s official cap and Laura’s keychain…

Worst was they actually succeed and stole her keychain in the stairs, for 3 seconds.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
Monkey’s Mafia…The Hit.

She just started sprinting up the stairs and immediately took it right from his tiny hands! It was the funniest and sexiest thing ever I’m not sure why. Haha.

One simply does not mess with a Sicilian girl.

When we looked around, one of the monkeys was even trying to steal her slipper, these guys wanted blood!

So we just kept climbing before they bite us because I’ve read they bite people sometimes.

It was in that moment that I ripped the bag in two and give half to Laura and use my half to hold on to the banister while the other hand pulled 11kgs worth of clothes and technology.

The sky was beautiful and so far it was a great experience although my legs started shaking from the 650 step up because of the strength I had to do with the suitcase.

After maybe 40 minutes and dozens of bad jokes I had to keep shirtless because of the humidity and effort I was doing.

Finally we arrived up there after 1,237 steps I got freaking excited because it is so worth it!

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
The view from 278 meters from Tiger Cave Temple.

When we reached the top that’s when we saw Krabi Town, the beach, the huge statue it was all great.

Of course that was until we noticed the giant clouds coming towards us…

That was when we started to get suspicious and kind of afraid.

Tiger Cave Temple Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
The big statue at Tiger Cave Temple.

First of all, the temple didn’t had any ceiling so no protection in case of rain,  there were only 10 people maximum up there.

Also there was no security or local people to tell you what to do in case of emergency.

So we were in the middle of a storm 278 meters above the ground and with 1,237 steps to climb down with 11kgs suitcase and a 7kgs backpack…

You know what did we did next?

I do and I’ll let you know on it soon.

But first leave a comment below with the scariest situation you have ever been in your life I can’t wait to know it.

Check out part 2 to don’t miss what happened after this crazy mess.

See you there.

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