How to Make Friends 10 Fast Ways

How to Make Friends 10 Fast Ways

Do you want to learn How to make friends in 10 fast ways?

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Here I am at some party around the world. This could be you, just follow the tips below.

You want to learn how to make friends in 10 fast ways?

Well this is your lucky day then.

Because today I’ll tell you about meeting people while traveling aka my favorite part of every travel…how to make friends.

Or just making friends basically.

What up Elite Walkers?

G.Walker here, did you noticed that I didn’t wrote “ways to meet more people” on the title?

That’s because meeting people is WAY too easy while you travel, it’s almost impossible not to do it.

And if you’re serious about Meeting Everyone when you travel you can see my online course “How To be a Traveler Superstar“.

But making friends and connecting with total strangers in a matter of seconds thought?

Now that’s what I call a challenge and you know we here in Elite Walkers are all about challenges and improving ourselves every single day.

A few questions that I usually get after my travels are:

“How do you make friends that easily?”

“Could you show me how to make friends traveling?”

“Hey do you know how to make friends fast?”

Or .

“How to make friends in real life?”

I love this type of questions but my answer is always too long.

So with no further delay let’s learn:

How to Make Friends .


  • 1- Ask for directions

Honestly this one is so basic that it shouldn’t even be here but just to be sure, let me help you with the part of getting to know the other person after they give you directions.

So you already broke the ice and asked where is X… now what?

This is the basics of how to make friends .

Now you can ask that person if he/she knows some cool place to do or see something you love, an activity, a club a museum it’s up to you.

Ultimately, don’t let the opportunity escape:

Just can ask for some way to get in touch with them in case they remember something cool in that city for you or if you want to do something with them afterwards.

Hey the NO it’s always guaranteed so grow some courage and… voilà after that you talk with them via what the hell you like and the relationship grows.

I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve done using this.


  • 2- “May I please use your phone?”

I know this one it’s not as easy as the first but it’s something really effective.

Basically approach some stranger with a smile on your face obviously and tell them that you’re not from there and you don’t have internet on your smart phone and you really need it to send a message to someone (and if you love YouTube as much as me, chances are this scenario is real!)


This may leave them suspicious if they are suspicious people but let’s be honest… do you want to be friends with suspicious people or with awesome people?

I’m all about making friends traveling but that doesn’t mean faking that you like someone or something AT ALL.

If they say no straight up, don’t worry and be glad you’ve know that already on the other side if the answer is yes that’s a cool sign.


After using their smart phone always keep eye contact with them and appreciate what the kind gesture. Then you can always say :

“Wow thanks for this! You’re really cool and I’m glad that – say the country’s name- people are cool after all. Would you mind add me on Facebook in case I have any more doubts about your country or something?”


85% of the people I used this on said yes because you just compliment them on how cool they are.

This way they become more willing to behave like that #robertcialdini #socialpsychology this is called the self-proclaimed prophecy and it basically means that people are more willing to act in a certain way if they are perceived like that.


Example: If you offend someone chances are that person will offend you back, but if you treat someone nice or compliment them they will want to keep showing that nice part of themselves so they will compliment you back or do something cool for you…like sending a friend request ; ) .


  • 3- Join a free Walking tour

What a surprise G. Walker talking about walking… and himself in the third person.

I know that probably for some people this does not sound like the coolest thing to do while traveling but you have to always think in your end goal. Making friends traveling.


With that in mind free walking tours are probably the best places to do that because the people there are most likely to have new experiences, to meet new cultures and also to meet more people.


  • 4- Reach out on Social Media

I get it, this may sound contra-nature but if you look for someone in social media you can find something interesting.

Plus this is a grey zone on the all how to make friends online or how to make friends in real life.

Let’s say you’re in a different country and you’re feeling lonely or too shy to talk to people personally. I will fix this for you in days!


Meanwhile you can always search for “French people in Nepal” for example and then join the conversation.

This will make you feel less pressure for not knowing anyone there and will force you to go outside to meet up with that person.


An even better way is MeetUps. Just join Couchsurfing and they have meet ups basically in every country of the world, this is a great way to meet adventure people and locals too!

Of course there are other websites that allows you to do this but my favorite one is Couchsurfing because I use it for some time now and I trust it already.


  • 5- Practice a sport or a special marathon

Basically what I mean by this is look for a sports event in the region where you are.


This is a great way not only to practice sports but also to meet new enthusiastic people who share your passion for sports and probably live a healthy lifestyle.


  • 6- Join ANY event

So this one is similar to the prior but here you have the absolute freedom to choose to do anything or go to any event at all.

Simply use Google to track an event nearby the place you’re staying and then go!

Let’s say you’re a huge fan of Comics:

Google Comics “place you’re going” and then probably in the first three pages you’ll find some cool event where all other nerds are.

I’m sorry other “Comics enthusiastics” are!

PS: I love Comics as well and I’ve here used the “N” word strictly in the Sexy way.

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This is us at Palma de Mallorca. We’ve had a great time.


  • 7- “Can you take a picture for me?”

What?? That simple?! Yes. Ask for someone to take your picture or just a picture of you with something cool in the back.

Now if you want to really stand out just straight up tell them that you want them to take a picture of a landscape…without you in the frame.

Confused? I’ve actually used this before and the reactions are always priceless.

I say something like:

“Oh you know this camera is new and I don’t know how to use it properly… but I think you have an eye for photography and I want to see how do cool the pic will be!”

This is actually more powerful than you might think because it shows that you are trusting an important item to a complete stranger.

That’s a sign of good will and people (well most people) will tend to react in a positive mood to this.

Then after the photo you can complement it or give it a harsh time like:

“Wow I was really mistaken by that cool hat, you can’t take fine pictures at all!”

ALWAYS with a challenging and fun mood of course so you don’t offend anyone.

Remember that our goal here is to make friends traveling, not making people uncomfortable.

After that it’s really easy to ask if they’re locals of that place or if they are on FB and send them a friend request.

This is probably the fastest way to keep in touch with them and a basic step on the How to make friends school.


  • 8- Meet the neighbors

Super easy, super effective.

So you’re traveling and chances are you’re at a place where you don’t know anyone… Congratulations!

This means that you have 100% chances of meeting someone and to make friends traveling!

My advice is for you to get to know the city and really understand what you are looking for:

A specific type of restaurant, a place with Wi-Fi or something more specific.

Then, you simply ask people who live nearby your house if they know the town has those places.

Oh and pro tip: you can always search online and then ask either way just because this way you have something to create conversion.


  • 9- Find something in common!

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    Here is me and Macka in Lisbon after that.

I hope you’re paying attention because this one it’s the most powerful one off all the 10 fast ways to make friends traveling for me!

So when I lived in Valencia a couple of years ago I went to Madrid a because I was working as PR for an Erasmus company.

I was basically working as the responsible for group tours and trips AWESOME WAY TO MEET PEOPLE by the way.

There were with some people with me at the club and I noticed a couple of guys surrounded by people who were dancing like if their lives depended on it!

Dancing like that it’s an awesome adiction that I have too haha.

When I got curious I decided to approach them to see if they were cool and 5 minutes later…

We were laughing like crazy because we’ve discovered that we both love Hip Hop and Reggaeton for years and we had the same favorite artists!

Thanks to this simple information me, Macka and Soul both from Guinea Conakry became inseparable.

I’ve spent more than half of the time in their house listening to music, playing PS3 and partying like rock stars.

The best part of it?

We still talk now years later and every time we go out to party we crash the place with our dance moves.

(Ok my moves are questionable but that’s another story for another time.)


If you learn how to make friends traveling, every travel will simply become  the best thing ever,

Plus sometimes all you need to do is to find something in common with other person.

It can be that you both love to travel, it can be some music or even a place.

But after you do discover it, you’ll probably have a pal for life.


  • 10- Go take a hike!

Haha no this is not a joke.

Sometimes the best way to meet someone is simply by going outside and starting talking with someone.

Go to a park, sit there for a second and then ask anything to the person next to you.

There are basic reasons for why people can’t meet someone in public.

Shyness, lack of confidence, fear of being judged but tell me something why the hell are you shy, overthinking or afraid?

It doesn’t matter how high or low your self-esteem is right now, YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON.

You are EXOTIC to someone no matter where you come from. So what reason do you have to don’t be successful??

Please share the gift of your awesomeness to others, don’t be selfish and save it all to you!

Share with others that awesome idea you’ve had to a new fusion restaurant or that story that happened involving you a monkey and a scary cloud.

Point is; as long as you open your mouth, a “chat” will no longer be a scary thought, abstract and terrifying that you’re afraid to blow up.

From the moment you say your first word to a stranger you realize that half of the nerves were irrational and you have no reason to be scared at all!

Because you are now talking to someone and you never know where the conversation can land.

When talking with a stranger at the worst scenario…

You might lose 5 minutes of your life speaking to a total creep.

But hey at least you now know with who you should NOT speak with, that’s also important as hell believe me.

Besides on the best scenario?

You get to make friends traveling or even meeting the love of your life.

And I don’t mean to be corny or anything but that’s a risk that I would take every single day.

So I hope this helps you realize how cool traveling is and how many opportunities it can give you!


See you there.”



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