Elite Walker’s mission

Elite Walker’s mission

Elite Walker's Mission - www.gwalkertravel.com

G Walker’s mission of helping 500.000 conquerors traveling more, saving more and meeting everyone is always his first priority in life.


With over 6 years of experience of traveling and discovering secret places in the world, his desire to connecting people throw stories, photos and secrets is what drives him to raise the bar of being Europe‘s Honest Traveling Coach even higher every day.


I know something interesting about you:

You’re different.

You see everyone else around you, satisfied with average – average trips, average accommodation, average life – and you don’t get it.

“What’s the matter with this guys?”..

But soon you realize there’s nothing wrong with them.

You were just wired differently.

Like me. Like the 107,139 brave people currently on Elite Walkers.

Hey, I’m G. Walker.

When I was a 13-year old overweight victim of bullying dude, I knew I was wired different, destined for different. 
When I was abroke antisocial guy living in my parent’s house, I knew I was wired different, destined for different.

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And even today, when I teach private clients in my country or go anywhere in the world with people paying me to go there, I still know this.

(In fact, my tastes are simple: I only prefer the best. As one of my mentors once told me, “You have two paths, you can dream of the superstar lifestyle or take action and live it.)

For the last 2 years, I’ve written Biweekly Newsletters to my private email list.

These newsletters and my online course I offer with them have been so effective, we now have more than 11,000 Success Stories on “Elite Walkers”.

And with all that success came demand.

Overwhelming demand.


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What kind of overwhelming demand?

Worldwide demand.

To share these VIP Newsletters with the world, with the people who’ve missed out up until now but are ready to learn and take action and transform themselves and their lives, just like the top guys on Elite Walkers have been doing everyday for years now.

So that’s why I started this site.

To 1) share those infamous newsletters with you, and 2) to let you in on all the newest ones too.

As you’ll quickly discover here, I’m not like most “traveling gurus” you may have come across before.

I’m the Traveling Coach your family
never  wanted you to meet.

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That’s because I’m direct.

I spit the truth a lot.

And if I reckon you worthy, I’m going to help you TRAVEL MORE, SAVE MORE AND MEET EVERYONE in the process just like a gladiator.

If I reckon you worthy, I’m going to make you travel every place in this Earth without having to pay for anything.

Maybe If I reckon you worthy, I’m going to make you more confident than any star you see on Hollywood or on TV.

If I reckon you worthy, I’m going to make you more powerful than you ever dreamed of, and…

..I’m going to do it in faster than you could ever imagine.

(You’ll learn why I would do such a thing as you read the newsletters. And no, it has nothing to do with money.)

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Recognize my man 2016 European Champion João Moutinho?

I just want to set straight up one thing, unlikely what the French press has been publishing, he is not my client.

We’re friends, but this photo of us outside a club in Monaco really got him in troubles thought.

Celebrity problems.

You might want to know a little bit more about my story so I’m going to share a brief timeline with you in a second, but as my 107,000 fans and customers in 64 countries will tell you, we’ve been very successful up to this point, so we’re very particular about who we let in.

We do things right, we take action, we bet on ourselves, we lean into our edges, and we kaizen.

What is kaizen? Damn you need to get yourself in there.


107,000 Fans in 36 Countries,
And We’re Very Particular..


(And we do not watch tv, which research continues to show turns you into a weak, lazy, coach potato loser.)

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(I’m the guy in green spreading magic with my team)

You promise to play by the rules, and we promise to take care of you like no one’s ever taken care of you before. Think you can handle that?

Great, then let’s get freaking started.

First off, I know a lot about you, so it’s only fair you learn a little about me:

As promised, here’s that brief timeline:

A Brief Timeline of G. Walker


1995: I am born in Lisbon, land of explorers, coincidence?

2008: I start being bullied in school for being overweight and wishing to be famous.

2009-2011: I travel with my family. A lot. And daydream about becoming one of the cool guys I watch in the movies and get obsess with the idea of becoming famous.

2011: I force my parents to pay for a 1 year contract with a model agency in the hope of becoming a star. Keep traveling with them.

2012: The contract expires. I am fooled. My life is over. The bullying gets worse.

Late 2012: I realize my only true passion is traveling and study psychology. The bullying gets worse than ever. I stop leaving the house. I get addicted to League of Legends. My depression begins.

2013: Keep traveling everywhere with my family. At this point I´ve already been in over 10 countries from all Europe. I learn how to use the Internet to search for the cheapest ways to do it and to meet people online. The depression continues.

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Late 2013: Start University but I am still not confident even though I’ve lost some weight.

2014: As time goes by I feel more depressed so my family gets desesperate trying to help me.

 2014: As a last resource to stop my depression, my family challenges/forces me to do Erasmus. With no reasons to stay in Portugal I decide to do it.

Late 2014: I spend over 4 months in Spain crashing with random people that I meet. I am amazed at how much money I am able to save. Get more confident thanks to it. Go to my first party in and it changes my social life.  I finally understand how to be a traveler superstar.

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Even later 2014: On my mission I decide to go solo travel with less than 200€. I party like a rock star  until I have a near death experience. Since then I understand bad things can happen anywhere so that´s no reason to don’t leave the house. Finish my round-the-world trip after been in Angola where I am received like a celebrity for knowing some famous people there. I have never paid for a trip or accommodation ever since. And I travel a lot. 29 countries and still counting.

Early 2015: I share my history with the world. People now respect me and I start getting paid for teaching others how to travel and improve their social lives. I start training judo.

Mid 2015: I drop out of the University. I go into full “Spider Man” mode, working quietly in my parent’s attic, and MAKE THE DECISION TO BECOME EUROPE’S HONEST TRAVELING COACH and TRANSFORMING 500.000 people WORLDWIDE so they can go where they want, when they want and how they want as I simultaneously teaching them how to conquer every single place you step into.

I found Elite Walkers.


 2015: I get famous thanks to my story and I even make some commercials, one of them actually for my ex-University. Or should I say three? KARMA.

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Late 2015: I stop watching TV because it manipulates people. I invest hundreds of hours, and hundreds of euros mastering all “traveling and crashing for free just for being social” thing. Find mentors. I get stupidly good at “low cost travels”.

December 2015Present Day: Due to my high demand my clients pay me to fly and teach them how to make every travel the best one and be the social boss of any part of the globe. Thanks to one of my private coaching sessions in Italy I´ve met my gorgeous girlfriend.  I get to see the most beautiful views, and shoot the most amazing places. I also find secret places all over the world and share photos of those with Elite Walkers daily on my  Instagram. Plus I share my secrets on my email Newsletter.

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So now I get paid to travel, I stay in everywhere I want for free, I write, I meet famous people, I drink champagne in parties on boats, I meet new cultures, I turn down TV opportunity after TV opportunity, I conquer the world´s most secret and exotic places in the company of my amazing Italian girlfriend, I see the world.

Life is awesome. and if you’re serious about becoming a Traveler Superstar here is your next step.

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And here we are today, now, Elite Walker grows faster than ever before..

My mission has not changed:

Transform 500.000 people worldwide so they can go where they want, when they want and how they want as I simultaneously teaching them how to conquer every place you step into.

Just a heads up.

If you even thinking of trying to qualify I must warn you.

We do not accept just the braves.

We only accept the bravest.


We’re at 107,000 right now, and you – you untamed gladiator - you’re next.