Conquering Thailand: What a Krabi Travel

Conquering Thailand: What a Krabi Travel


I’m writing from Krabi Town, south of Thailand after a long Krabi travel.

It was a crazy ride getting here. First we took a Bla Bla Car from Lisbon to Madrid just 35€ and 7 hours those were the numbers on the 23rd October.

We went with Omar and Marta a nice Spanish couple who love to Surf in Portugal and also Freddy a guy from Bogotá Colombia who stayed in Portugal for the first time for 3 months.

The trip was awesome and we even got to stop at Mérida a small Spanish town nearby the border with Portugal and ate a huge Bocata a.k.a super sandwich with 45 cm!

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Now that’s a huge sandwich!

We got to Madrid at midnight and took the metro to the airport… 5€ just for stopping at the airport!

Freddy went further than the airport and only paid 2€ so be aware when taking the public transportation to Madrid’s airport.

There we had to wait 6 hours to get in the flight to Malayisia but making a stop in London first and we’ve caught the scare of our lives!

As it turns out, even to fly to Malaysia we needed to have a proven way that we were going to leave it anytime soon.

A flight, a bus or even a boat trip booked!

What does this mean?

It means that if you’re flying to Malaysia or Thailand or any other country from South Asia you better buy your returning flight or any other transportation mean returning, or a trip to another country BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY OTHERWISE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO FLY THERE.

If I hadn’t bought the flight from Singapore to Krabi a few hours earlier,WE WOULDN’T PASS MADRID AND THE ALL TRIP WOULD NEVER HAPPENED because we were still deciding if we were going to take the bus and my credit card wasn’t working with Air Asia booking system,

All I had to do was showing the e-mail with the flight information leaving Singapore to Thailand and we were able to do the check in.

After that we landed in London, it was raining as per use and we caught the connection flight to Singapore, only 12 hours to go!

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Got you sleeping! Sorry boo. Haha.

Lucky for me the plain had my favorite TV show “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” well 2 episodes of it, some movies and a lot of games. Norwegian Air…. You’re alright.

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Oh and when you’re flying to Malaysia or Thailand or probably some other country nearby they’ll give you some card during the flight that you have to fulfill with your travel plans.

Basic stuff like Passport nº, nationality, name, address in that country you can put just the name of a big hotel like Holiday Inn they don’t check that.

City of embarkation and next city you will travel after landing, and duration of your stay.

I was only able to rest for a couple of hours during the flight but was dropping dead tired.

Traveling for more than 28 hours straight by now.

When we got to Changi Airport or Changai like the pilot said I had only 2 things on my mind sleep and eat!

To be fair I have always these two in my head but now it was an extreme level.

We turned our smartphones again and had to go to the Information desk to get the WiFi to work for some reason and that’s when another breakthrough was done…

My flight to Krabi wasn’t the next day, it was 7 hours later!

Which means the trip was still on!

I haven’t calculated the time zones right and we couldn’t even get to sleep one night in Singapore.

That broke my heart but honestly at that moment all I cared about was get in the flight and saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRLFRIEND!

I’m sure it was a cool experience for her spending the birthday on a Malaysian airport but I just hope she wasn’t too tired to remember it the next few days.

With our MASSIVELY LONG DAY/S coming to an end I just wanted to make the check-in so we dragged ourselves to the Air Asia desk.

The woman there was super nice she did our check-in 7 hours before the flight and she upgraded us to FIRST CLASS FOR FREE.


Talking about a birthday gift!

At 9 a.m. Singapore time we did what any normal person would do! Find a restaurant! Don’t judge us we were really starving.

For some mysterious reason most of the restaurants were closed so we’ve decided to rest a little bit and check out the airport’s terminals.

We took a Skytrain to Terminal 3 it’s free by the way. Wait… what? What’s a Skytrain?

Haha please.

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So that’s a Skytrain.

Then we just kept walking and seeing some cool stuff at the airport.

As time was passing by I remembered that we didn’t booked a place to stay at Krabi but we were so exhausted that even a blanket underneath a lovely bridge would be fine.

I decided to book a place nearby Krabi’s Airport called Sleep Whale Express. Or Sleep Well Express as Thai people pronounce it.

Finally we had lunch at 11:00 a.m. and we ate SO MUCH! Fried duck, something with Tofu, several rice bowls and an awesome spicy sauce that brought me back to life named premix chicken rice chilly.

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Let’s feast!! Asian Style.

Total? 58 Singapore Dollars which converted to euros it’s not even 30€ for two people! It was her birthday no time to save there.

2 hours later we got to the boarding gate and embarked first with our first class birthday gift ticket and finally arrived at Krabi.

40 hours later.

What a Krabi travel.

Sorry for the bad pound.

For this was a Krabi travel not because it was bad but only VERY LONG.

Besides a Krabi travel was the feeling that we had when we arrived because the place makes you smile all the time.

At Krabi’s Airport we discovered that there is no such thing as Free WIFI and asked for an estimative of a taxi ride to our hotel, I’ve done it in Malaysia throughout Internet but I wanted to be sure.

Then we went to the ATM machine, specifically the blue one because it was the only one which accepted AMEX and I got 500 baht.

Which was a mistake because we should take the most possible money from an ATM abroad due to the high commissions they have.

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Singapore Dollars.

I know I was crazy rich!

Or not, because that’s the same as 8 euros and we paid for the taxi before entering in the Taxi.

The picture is from Singapore Dollars thought.

Basically there are several taxi drivers on the airport exit and a woman came up to us and asked where our hotel was and told us that would be 350 Baht.

We paid her and then a kind taxi driver named Eus Sha appeared and took us to the hotel and even taught us a mini Thai class on greetings.

The Hotel Sleep Whale Express is a really cool place to go for a quiet night of relaxation in Krabi Town near the airport, I strongly recommend it.


So this was our Krabi travel and after a 42 hours journey so far so good!


In conclusion a Krabi travel is not at all a bad thing!



I’ll keep you updated next week. Tomorrow we will see the Tiger Cave Temple and later Phuket.

What is that ONE PLACE you wish to see in Thailand?? Leave a comment below.


See you there.

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