7 Reasons to visit Lisbon… right now! See the best places and how to speak with the locals.

7 Reasons to visit Lisbon… right now! See the best places and how to speak with the locals.


Why travel to Portugal’s Capital? Well here is a list of 7 reasons to visit Lisbon. By the way… Congratulations! This is almost certainly the best travel decision of your life.


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Here’s a photo of the mythic Elétrico 28 aka the yellow tram that every tourist hunts to post on Instagram.


I know that I’m suspicious for talking about this because it’s my country and all but I can assure that this list with 7 reasons to visit Lisbon. is impartial there is only a handful of cities in the world which beauty can be compared to the city of the 7 Hills.


Ok so without more delay here are 7 reasons to visit Lisbon.


Number 1- It’s the coolest and the HOTTEST city in Europe?!

It really doesn’t matter where you come from or when do you decide to visit Lisbon. Chances are here the weather here is way better than your home city.

It’s not too hot in the summer and… not too cold in the winter as well.

7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
This is the Miradouro do Santuário do Cristo Rei… What a view.


Well yes! Not hot like Rio de Janeiro or some other African city like Luanda, but listen to me, in Europe is VERY rare to find a hotter city than this, or cooler one too with all of the amazing landscapes and culture to enjoy.

In case you didn’t know Lisbon is considered one of the best cities to live in, besides we have the beach at 30 mins by car so if you want to try the Atlantic Ocean go for it.



Number 2- It’s Wallet-Friendly


That’s the right even thought it’s beautiful, hot, located by the sea and culturally rich, it is NOT expensive to visit Lisbon or even to live here by the way… if this is not one of the most imporat of the 7 reasons to visit Lisbon than I don’t know how to help you out.


Especially if you’re from Western Europe or America because you are used to a certain cost of life and flash news: I doubt that you’ll find a cheaper Capital than Lisbon and one as awesome as this? I have even more doubts.


Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Here is the average cost for a night in Lisbon:


BUDGET HOTEL: 40€-90€/night


But of course this are economical hotels so I can’t promise you any continental breakfast included or swimming pool, even though a true traveler don’t really need that to have fun… Damn I mean if you’re only gonna be in Lisbon for a few days you better spent almost no time in your hotel at all!


HOSTEL: 10€-30€/night


Yap, this is is still the most economical solution you’ll ever find here. Of course you can expect to pay somewhere from 15€ to 20€/night for a shared room. If you’re looking for a private room you will pay 45€-85€ for two people. Hey still pretty cheap and this way you get to spend money on other things such as visiting monuments or just going out.


Rental Apartment (Airbnb): €40-80€/night


I strongly recommend you to choose this if you’re here with someone or in a group. I mean staying in a Hostel is cool and all but having the house to yourselves…? It doesn’t get much better than this.

A kitchen to cook, a private bathroom and a cool place to throw a party! (Depending on your host’s rules of course haha.)


7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
This is Praça dos Restauradores, one of the most beautiful squares in Lisbon right next to Avenida da Liberdade.

Now here are some other things you should know to save some bucks:


Basic dinner out for two in the neighborhood pub – 24 €

2 Tickets to the movies – 6.50€

Cocktail drink in downtown club – 8€

Taxi trip on a business day, basic fare 8 km – 11€

Metro ticket – 1,50€

Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district – 9€


So yeah I hope this helps you understand how much you’ll spend in Portugal’s Capital.


Number 3- Os Portugueses!


That’s right Portuguese people HAVE to be one of the strongest reasons for you to come to Portugal. Again, not to pat ourselves on the back here but we are known for our kindness and for being good hosts.

 PRO TIP: Do not mistake Portuguese people with Spanish people or say that Portugal is a part of Spain! That is the most common mistake that travelers do and we do NOT like that. It’s nothing against the Spanish but we’re a proud nation, so heads up for that.

Not only will you be received very nicely because we tend to respect the travelers who give our city a chance with kindness and honesty, nevertheless you will also be stepping into our calm and relaxed atmosphere, so far (and thank GOD for that) without any terrorist attacks.

For instance it’s very hard for you to ask some Portuguese for directions and get straight up ignored or to ask for the best Bacalhau restaurant in the region and to be misled.

Worst scenario you’ll hear a “Não falo inglês, desculpe lá.” Which translates to “No English, sorry!”.


7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights to www.gwalkertravel.com
This photo was actually taken in Valencia but some of those guys came to Portugal to visit me afterwards… and it was Awesome right Macka? : )


Oh and most Portuguese people can actually speak English or Spanish so don’t sweat about it.

Plus did you know that Portuguese is the Sixth most spoken language in the world?

More than 260 million people speak it…Well to be perfectly honest this is only true thanks to the 200 million Brazilian his will be an awesome opportunity for you to study it up close and to practice it.

Which brings me to the reason number 4.


Number 4 – Learn the 6th most spoken language in the world.

A lot of people visits Lisbon just to learn Portuguese either Erasmus students or just world top travelers who wish to be polyglots. As I’ve said many times in the past THE BEST WAY TO LEARN A LANGUAGE is living in a country that speaks that Language.

7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
My gorgeous Italian girlfriend learned Portuguese in 2 months… without any classes!

While we’re on the subject here are some crucial words you should learn when talking to Portuguese:

“Bom dia”- Good morning.

“Olá”- Hello.

“Obrigado” – Thank you.

“Por favor” – Please.

“Tudo bem?”/”Como está?” – How are you?

“Quanto custa isto?”/“Quanto é isto?” –  How much does this costs?

“Onde fica a rua X” – Where is the X street? ~

This one is really handful to get directions to a specific street… you know in case you’re angry at Google Maps.

“Como vou para X?”/“Onde fica X?”  – How can I go to X ? or Where is X?

Again, good for directions to a specific place like “Como vou para a Baixa do Chiado?”or “Onde fica a Torre de Belém?”.

Believe me this stuff will be useful.


Number 5 – Our rich Culture


Lisbon is older than Rome! That’s right in fact it’s the second oldest European capital after Athens.

Don’t worry thought, I won’t bother you with a history lesson about the time we’ve discovered and conquered almost half of the world, or when we were actually one of the biggest Empires in the world.

Even though we have some great monuments who can back me up here. Hey speaking of monuments… how about you come and see them for yourselves?

We have the most “Instagramable”- yes new fake word- monuments in the world such as Torre de Belém, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Elevador de Santa Justa, Terreiro do Paço, and of course probably one of our most famous one, o Cristo Rei.

Couple of fun facts about it: there are four of them in the world, the biggest one is in Poland.

The other one is in Almada, the other side of the river really close to Lisbon, one in Angola and the other in Rio.

They were built there to symbolize the Christian religion (obviously)..

Aaand contrary to EVERYONE’S BELIEF and I hope and I’m not being too childish here, ours is the BIGGEST!

That’s right, everyone thinks that the Brazilian statue is the biggest but it’s actually ours, if you count our gigantic pedestal. In their defense it was built sky high so I can’t judge them.

Now back to Lisbon… here is a list of some of the most beautiful landscapes where you can take amazing photos.

  • Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara
  • Miradouro do Parque Eduardo VII


7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
The view of Miradouro do Parque Eduardo VII gets me every time…


  • See the Miradouro da Graça
  • Go check out the Miradouro do Torel
  • Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte



7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
Here I am with my Italian/Portuguese family

Oh and we also have the longest bridge in all Europe: Ponte Vasco da Gama.

Number 6 – Portuguese food!


If you’ve ever been in Portugal then it’s no secret to you that the Portuguese gastronomy is really rich and diverse. Oh and don’t be fooled by the low cost of living here because even though you don’t have to overpay in restaurants you will be VERY satisfied at the table.

We have over 1000 ways to cook codfish or “Bacalhau” as it’s nationally famous but we are also crazy about meat either it’s “Cozido à portuguesa” which consists in rice, pork, beef, potatoes, beans, carrots, bacon, white cabbage, chouriço sausage, salpicão sausage, farinheira sausage… you got the point it’s a massive recipe basically.

7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
Here is one of the Portuguese’s favorite dish… O Bitoque.


Besides that massive dish we also love “Bitoque”! French fries, rice, beef or pork and a fried egg this is one of the Portuguese’s favorite dish.

I mean it, it’s rare the day that you’ll cross a restaurant without seeing someone eating that, but even though it’s a popular dish it’s not exactly from here… There are some theories that it came from the English word beefsteak or from a chef in Galiza, Spain who brought it to Lisbon… either way we love it!

Lastly you should try the sardines in Lisbon, they are not only delicious but also a part of the culture because in June we have a celebration called “Santos Populares” which basically consists in invading the streets of Lisbon and drinking beer, eating grilled sardines and listen to music. The streets gain life during those nights it’s a cool party to visit our Capital.

Finally moving to the desert… Pastéis de Belém!! The world’s best cake….for me at least. They are right next to Torre de Belém and Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.

You can also try Tortas de Azeitão in Setúbal or even the famous Bola de Berlim, they are both sweet cakes that are not good for your diet but it’s not every day that you’ll have a chance to eat so go for it!


Number 7 – Our Street Art

This is another must see in Lisbon if you’re an art lover. Our historical buildings are packed with some of the world’s best graffiti’s and there are a lot of places who allow you to paint the walls if you are good enough.

Hey, it’s not everywhere that you get to be a part of a city’s patrimony.


7 Reasons to visit Lisbon - Copyrights by www.gwalkertravel.com
This one was taken in front of the Metro station of Picoas nearby Marquês do Pombal.


So here you have it, 7 reasons to visit Lisbon… like right now! Even though I have no doubts if you come here you’ll find another dozens of reasons in no time, make a lot of international friends and maybe “falar português” in a couple of days.


If you’ve got curious and want to learn some secrets about Lisbon and Portuguese people or wanto to learn tips to Travel More, Save More and Meet Everyone everywhere you go, you can always subscribe to my email list and get me secret free tips.


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Don’t forget to hit me up when you’ll arrive.  : )


See you there.



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