Let’s Travel Europe – Europe Honest Travel Coach

Let’s Travel Europe – Europe Honest Travel Coach


Want to learn how to Travel Europe but also Travel More and Meet Everyone?

Then, let’s Travel Europe!

G.Walker here.

I’m Europe Honest Travel Coach and my mission is to help you Travel Europe but also Travel More and Meet Everyone.

Travel Europe G. Walker - Europe Honest Travel


I’m a Portuguese guy who simply has been lucky enough to travel Europe and other places for some years and that completely changed my life.

Travel did so much for me these last few years…

It made me more confident than ever and giving me my first job, to allow me to see the world as it really is, meeting my gorgeous girlfriend and some amazing people, travel made me a better person.

Thanks to countless destinations and friends made everywhere, I’ve decided I want to give back by helping others to learn what the world has to offer and how to get the best of it without effort.

So this is the place for you if you:

  • -Want to start traveling but don’t know how to begin, or need help travel planning. 
  • -You wish to travel Europe.
  • -Are an advanced traveler but want to take your travels next level by becoming a digital nomad or want a European budget travel guide.

However, this is not the right place for you if you:

  • -Only travel to take pictures of places without realizing everything else that place has to offer.
  • -Think travel is something that has to be expensive and travel on a budget is impossible, low level or not for you.

That’s also why the travelers who know me, the Elite Walkers, already know almost every answer to this questions:

  • -How to travel Europe?
  • -Secrets to backpacking Europe?
  • -How to plan a budget travel?

These are just some of the most common topics people usually ask me.

Travel anywhere raises all kinds of questions.

I’ve been on 4 different continents these last 7 years.

My specialty is Travel Europe.

I also give tips on several other places worldwide but I know more about Europe than other destination.

That’s why I’m prepared to share with you all kind of resources:

  • -Train travel Europe, bus or rideshare travel.
  • -Save money on air travel Europe or air travel within Europe.
  • -Best apps to use when you travel.
  • -How to save money anywhere and don’t get lost.
  • -How to stay in places for free and almost for free.

I know traveling can be so much more than just taking pictures of beautiful places, it can be your secret to become better in EVERY part of your life.

I’ll also share with you how to improve any life skill and more:

  • -Secrets on how to meet locals.
  • -Budget Travel Guides.
  • -How to get paid to travel.

I hope by now you’re realizing this is NOT another travel blog with pretty shots and basic advice but an actual lifestyle that it can be YOUR lifestyle, all you need to do is go outside.

Sometimes all it takes is a little push for you to visit someplace new, to say “hi” to someone and begin a friendship or even to become a digital nomad and travel the world forever.

Don’t worry I know these things can seem exciting but also a little scary or overwhelming.

That’s why I’m here, to give that push so you can become what you want and go everywhere.

Ultimately all I want for you is to Travel More and Meet Everyone.

See you there.